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Matt’s Monday Morning Marketing Memo – Vol. 144

  Good morning! After several years of loses due to a failed marketing and merchandising experiment, retailer J.C. Penny is bringing back their mail catalog. What their market research has yielded is people like to glance through catalogs before going online to make a purchase. Also, a catalog is more likely to make itself at…

Matt’s Monday Morning Marketing Memo – Vol. 143

  Good morning! There is probably no greater misunderstanding in marketing than as to the use and purpose of blogging. That’s why today I’m going to give you a brief introduction into why you should blog, and how to leverage it to increase your revenue. People go online for either: Information (ex. Wikipedia), entertainment (ex….

Matt’s Monday Morning Marketing Memo – Vol. 142

  Good morning! Here are 3 quick marketing tips I need you to start executing now: Get 10 positive reviews a month – Every afternoon before your lunch, call one satisfied customer and ask them to leave a positive review for you online. Allow them to choose the platform, such as Yelp, Google+, Facebook, etc….

Start Marketing like John Gotti


I have noticed a lot of television commercials about this Growing up Gotti television program, and wondered to myself how John Gotti got so popular to begin with? After all, he was a dirty criminal, and aren’t we supposed to hate those? Today I want to go over how John Gotti was so successful driving…

Top 10 Offices of Geniuses


What does your office look like? What motivates you, inspires you, invigorates you and helps you to bring value and innovation to the world? Today we’ve collected our list of the top 10 offices of geniuses we respect the most. Enjoy! Top 10 Offices of Geniuses   1- Sigmund Freud’s Office Founder of Psychoanalysis, Sigmund…

Marketing a House Cleaning Service in New Jersey

Marketing a Cleaning Service in New Jersey

If you operate a house cleaning service in New Jersey and wish to start marketing your business, I imagine you’ll be low on capital and high on enthusiasm. Well, you’ve come to the right place. First things first, and that’s deciding where your most profitable customers will be. Now, sometimes that’s not only about targeting…

Matt’s Monday Morning Marketing Memo – Vol. 141

  Good morning! Last night during a key NFL playoff game (NFC wildcard), Dallas Cowboys rookie linebacker Anthony Hitchens was initially flagged for pass interference while defending Lions tight end Brandon Pettigrew on a third-and-1 pass from the Dallas 46. To me, and the majority of the Lions, it was an obvious penalty; however, the…

Marketing a Trucking Company


Before you start marketing your trucking company, here are a couple general business tips to increases your chances of success: Always have 90-120 days of capital. Insurance, fuel and truck payments make your business very expensive. I’m warning you right now that operating on a cash poor basis can leave you open to: Cannibalizing earnings,…

Marketing a New Jersey Locksmith


When it comes to marketing a locksmith in New Jersey, you need to focus primarily on being found exactly when your customer needs you. That’s it, and nothing more. You’re not building relationships with your target market, you’re acting as fire extinguisher in a large house full of people who may never see a fire,…

Marketing a New Jersey Car Service


Marketing a car service in New Jersey is heavily reliant on at least a few things, and they are: Ensuring your website ranks for high volume keywords related to passenger destinations (e.x. “LAX”), and car service synonyms (“shuttle to AC airport”). Maintaining an email marketing system that requests former passengers leave a positive testimonial on…