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Matt’s Monday Morning Marketing Memo – Vol. 156

Matt’s Monday Morning Marketing Memo – Vol. 156

Good morning! Today is my birthday! Now that that nonsense is out of the way, go and check out our new website!

Click here to see our new website

Among the many things I love about it is the blog.

We have completely broken the mold of a traditional blog, and made it into a visitor-friendly archive of all of the best advice we can give you, on a continual and compartmentalized basis.



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How Does Your Marketing Sound?

How Does Your Marketing Sound?

Do you know how much Mercedes-Benz spends on ensuring each and every sound their vehicle makes is consistent with exactly what people prefer to hear? Millions. Every button click, door slam, air conditioner control and windshield wiper is specifically tailored to elicit the exact nuance Mercedes-Benz wishes people to hear, and feel. To accomplish this,…Continue Reading

♫ Radio Show: Join HARO Now!

♫ Radio Show: Join HARO Now!

Welcome to the World’s Greatest Marketing Radio Show! Let’s Chat About Why You Need to be on HARO   Click here for full list of episodes. This week, Matthew Steffen teaches us how to gain National media exposure. Join HARO now! How to ensure your email is full of reporters looking for your quotes on…Continue Reading

Matt’s Monday Morning Marketing Memo – Vol. 152

  Good morning! Last week local business owner, James Stuhlman, was gunned down while walking his dog in Philadelphia’s Overbook section. The two assailants were allegedly “bored” after playing some basketball, and targeted James because his dog looked “weak” versus another male they were considering targeting. Chillingly, police found James’ dog still attached to James’…Continue Reading