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How to Get Customers with Email Marketing

How to Get Customers with Email Marketing

Many business owners have a long list of emails of previously served customers.

Are you one of them?

Unfortunately, they are not using these emails to drive more sales from those same customers.

Does that sound familiar?

Today, I’m going to teach you how to use those emails to create an email marketing program that will recycle old sales into new revenue.


How Do I Create a New Sale from an Old Customer with Email Marketing?


Creating new sales from previous customers all hinges on what products you sell, and what message you craft around those products (or services, of course).

We had a locksmith client a while back who figured email marketing could never work for him because, he felt, people usually only need a locksmith at the spur of the moment, and therefore how could some email on a random day produce an immediate sale?

He was wrong. All he needed was the right message and product to remind customers of what they needed from him.

The key here is to…

determine what products you have that you can create DEMAND for.

For instance, we took the emails of that locksmith and sent out a message that created demand for his *rekeying product.

*Rekeying is changing a lock so that a different key may operate it.

What we realized is people usually neglect getting their locks rekeyed simply because they forget to do it, or didn’t realize how important it is for their safety, security and privacy. We changed all that!

We structured the email around the fact that if there is a chance anyone you no longer have contact with has a key to your house (i.e. cleaner, babysitter, previous owner or disgruntled family member), you may want to get rekeyed immediately.


The response rate for the first email was poor, but the second email with the same message drove our client 14 new customers within 2 weeks.Some customers that called didn’t even need rekeying, but rather just needed a locksmith.

And this is the other beauty of email marketing, which is the fact that it helps you to dominate the mindspace of your satisfied customers to drive future sales from them, and those people they refer to you.

So, what you should now see is if you have a products related to maintenance and upgrade, than you can easily drive new sales from existing customers that aren’t necessarily emergency-based.

So, hopefully today you have learned why you should be using email marketing, and how it is effective at recycling older sales into fresh income.

If you need any help setting up your email marketing message, or system, give us a call right now: (888) 308-5506



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