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Dr. Pepper Ten Sexist?

Dr. Pepper Ten Sexist?

Dr. Pepper Ten Sexist?
A while back I wrote a boring blog about a great new branding strategy the Dr. Pepper Snapple Group was using to promote their newest product: Dr. Pepper Ten. Well, since it’s release the Company’s stock price has risen considerably, yet, several assorted feminist groups are seeing red over this so-called “sexist” marketing campaign.

I’ve always found it funny how causes that seek to help people tend to polarize their constituents thereby providing counter-productive benefits. For example, the NAACP won a lot of battles for the rights of black people, yet some of their nonsensical campaigns have triggered a lot of hate and resentment from typically non-racist Caucasian individuals. Also, the feminist movement was effective at giving women more opportunities for independence. However, now it is almost essential for a married woman to work whereas 40 years ago the majority of  woman had the choice to stay at home and perform a far more valuable task of raising children.

Alan Weiss once said that “political correctness is to communication what bureaucracy is to productivity.” Simply put, there simply aren’t enough diapers in the world to clean up the mess of all of these oversensitive lunatics out there seeing hate because their name wasn’t called to play duck, duck goose.

Guess what, Dr. Pepper Ten is not being sexist. They are simply marketing their product to men who want to drink a low calorie soda that doesn’t say “Diet” on the side. Every soda company markets to men and women. However, as I said it my first post, Dr. Pepper Ten is niching themselves strategically to be recognized by men. Imprinsic does not serve companies that earn over 10 million in annual earnings. Does this mean we “hate” large companies? No, this means that we can generate far greater profits by focusing on one niche. When you advertise to everyone, nobody listens. When I hear about a one-size fits all health supplement, I daydream about bears (my favorite animal). When I hear an advertisement about a health supplement for men over 30 who like to lift weights but have a hard time burning fat- I’m listening. Would that brand be sexist?

Dr. Pepper Ten shot a marketing arrow at men and many women were offended. Now if Dr. Pepper Ten refused to let women buy than drink, than that would be sexist. However, women can buy the drink just like I can buy any of the thousands of moisturizers out there that never address men in their branding. But I’m not offended because I’m sipping on a Dr. Pepper Ten. Enjoy the rest of your day.  

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5 Responses to Dr. Pepper Ten Sexist?

  1. Interesting take on feminism. I agree with you. Didn’t you do a benefit marathon in Philadelphia like 4 years ago??

  2. Hi Carolyn. If it was the most inspiring and well run marathon you have been to, than it was probably me. Haha If your last name begins with an “M” than I’m relatively certain because I think I remember emailing you.

  3. I stopped reading at the rationalized hate for the NAACP. I’m an all-inclusive people-loving white male and my friend I have to tell you it sounds like you’ve got some hate and racism not dealt with. Hate is never justifiable so I don’t understand your misguided opinion that hate is naturally produced by the people working hard for the NAACP. You can see why I might be inclined to stop reading at that.

  4. Hi Jason. Thanks for visiting our blog. “Hate” toward the NAACP has nothing to do with race, but rather toward an organization that bases its advocacy on race. That is racism.

    For example, the NAACP’s post-haste defense of Crystal Gail Mangum who had falsely accused 3 white Duke lacrosse players of raping her. The involvement of the NAACP was simply because the victim was white, and her alleged assailants were black. Eventually she admitted to lying, and people began to wonder what the NAACP does besides side against anyone not black. That, my friend is racism, not the suggesting that people may hate the activities of racist people. Do you not hate racist people?