Marketing to Women

Women and Marketing

Women may be a larger audience of online marketing than men. No I don’t have the data to back up that claim just yet, however, Fleishman-Hearst and Hillard Magazines (Jan, 2012) recently released this research which show the amount of women who are minding our marketing efforts.


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Below shows the percentages of women who attempt to influence the buying decisions of other people as well.


Women know that women are watching. However, as a man it is sometimes difficult for me to assume the mental and emotional standpoint of women with regard to marketing. Why do you think half of my staff is female? I remember conducting a physics experiment at Rutgers University which required that I interview 17 people. Without even realizing it, I had tainted my sample by interviewing mainly all men. I didn’t even realize it until my poor data led to a misleading conclusion concerning my experiment. Matthew+Stupidity=C-

The lesson here is that if you are a man (or woman), you must not neglect the attitudes and opinions of the complimentary sex. Speaking of physics, the greatest physicist alive (Professor Stephen Hawking) believes that women are a complete mystery.


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